Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

People are always looking for ways to boost their sense of health, and it’s a reasonable pursuit. Because of that, modern medicine has devised many tools and treatments to help patients in countless different ways, and IV infusions are one of the latest developing trends.

With the right infusion, you can fight off disease and feel healthier in general. If that sounds promising, then take a moment to learn about one of the most popular IV infusions that we offer residents in the Twin Cities, MN area: Myer’s Cocktail IV Treatment.

What Is Myer’s Cocktail?

Myer’s Cocktail is something that can be administered at a medical clinic as well as in the comfort of your own home. It is typically delivered intravenously, and it’s designed to give a sudden and powerful boost to your immune system and body in general.

The cocktail from our mobile team in the Twin Cities, MN contains these ingredients: vitamin C, antioxidants, and a vitamin B complex.

The vitamin B complex, specifically, includes the following ingredients:

  • B-1 often called thiamine
  • B-2, known as riboflavin
  • B-3 which is sometimes called Niacin
  • B-5 also known as pantothenic acid
  • B-6 which is pyridoxine
  • B-7 that is also called biotin
  • B-8 which you may have heard called folic acid
  • B-12, or cobalamin
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What Can A Myer’s Cocktail Do For You?

The combination of these ingredients makes Myer’s Cocktail fantastic for a lot of purposes.

In many cases, patients take the cocktail for the vitamin C boost to give their immune systems an edge in fighting off the common cold and flu.

But, many people like to take regular infusions, and that’s because the cocktail is good for a lot of things. The mix of B vitamins will help you boost overall energy and feelings of wakefulness, and you can get these feelings without the crash that typically accompanies caffeine highs and energy drinks.

Most importantly, the antioxidants in the cocktail are amazing for many aspects of your health. They help reduce damage at a cellular level. They help prevent serious issues like heart disease and many cancers, and they help keep you feeling healthy in general.

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Our Twin Cities office’s Myers Cocktail treatment is one of our top selling therapies here at IV Minnesota. We can also customize your drip onsite and have other add-on medications we can provide. Book your appointment now and let us get you feeling energized and recharged!