Recover faster, stay energized.

There are many reasons why you engage in high-intensity and high-impact exercise. The numerous benefits include increased metabolism, improved cardiovascular health, and stronger muscles and bones. However, you have most likely also noticed that it is challenging to replace the nutrients and electrolytes that you lose when you sweat and push your body to its limit. Dehydration has a significant impact on your body and your workout. As a result, you are at a higher risk for injury and decreased performance. Performance and energy boosting IV therapy from our Minneapolis team helps speed up your workout recovery time and gets you back to your high-intensity exercise without delay or risk of injury.

What is the Energy & Performance IV Therapy?

Energy IV therapy is an IV drip that is injected into your body. It is simple and fast. The IV cocktail includes vitamins and minerals, including calcium, B complex, and Vitamin C. These vitamins will provide immediate benefits to the body. In addition, you can add extra things like amino acids to help protect your body from free radicals while also repairing tissue. When you push your body to the limit with extensive and exhaustive exercise, you drain your body of essential elements. Our specialized performance IV vitamin therapy for Minneapolis and surrounding area residents will replenish lost vitamins and minerals, which not only improves overall health and wellness but provides you with boosted immunity and beautiful hair and skin.

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Benefits of Performance IV Vitamin Therapy

Where Can I Find Performance IV Therapy Near Me?

When looking for performance and energy-boosting IV vitamin therapy in Minneapolis or the greater Minnesota area, we can meet all of your needs. Our goal is to improve the health of the entire community in Minnesota. In addition to providing you the ability to improve your health and wellness, we come to the location of your choosing, whether it is your home, office, or other space. When you are able to choose your location, it allows you to remain comfortable while improving your overall health and wellness.